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Kodak UVBlue Lens

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Lets in the good light, screens out the bad

Science has demonstrated the importance of using skin protection outdoors. It is important it is to apply sunblock to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays from causing sunburn. Those same harmful UV rays can also cause eye problems, including cataracts and vision that becomes worse over time.

Indoors, both adults and children spend many hours struggling to focus on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and televisions. The screens of electronic devices emit high levels of harmful blue light, which contributes to macular degeneration (AMD), eyestrain, eye fatigue, headaches and sleeplessness.

Protection against cataracts and AMD

Protection against cataracts and AMD is as simple as wearing the Kodak UVBlue Lens. This lens reduces exposure to ultraviolet light that can lead to cataracts by filtering out 99% of UV at 400nm. That’s a lot of protection, especially considering that regular lenses block only 70% of UV at 400nm.

The Kodak UVBlue Lens also protects better than other lenses against the harmful high-energy blue light that contributes to macular degeneration (AMD). The lens provides an excellent defense against the ‘bad’ blue wavelengths while allowing exposure to the ’good’ blue light that controls the sleep cycle.

And there’s no color distortion, so wearers will enjoy clearer, sharper vision while protecting the health of their eyes.