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L’OPTIQUE established since May 20 th , 2015. The word “L’OPTIQUE” means optical in French.

Nowadays you can easily find spectacles or lens in market with extremely cheap price. Pricing is always the first reason when consumer is making decision whether to buy the product, however, we should not neglect the quality of spectacles as well. Rumor has it spectacles product is a low cost with high profit business. The myth leads people to focus on the pricing when making decision on their spectacles. 

In order to supply cheaper product in the market, suppliers only can stock in goods with lower cost, of course, in lower quality as well in result. Consumer thought they gain a lot from the price different but in fact they lose the most from the worst quality product which might harm to their eyes eventually.

L’OPTIQUE has foreseen the consequence of price war in the market. We understand what’s customer needs and requirement. In order to protect customer privilege and to enjoy better product with lower price, L’OPTIQUE will now launch their product in more affordable package. L’OPTIQUE will assure product quality and consumer can enjoy worry-free after sales service. A pair of good quality frame can be very comfortable when user wears it with longer hour while a pair of high quality lens can bring clearer vision to the user. With good quality spectacles, both eye tiredness feeling and lens power can be decreased gradually.

L’OPTIQUE will continuously maintain close relationship with local authorized distributor of global major lens supplier such as Japan TOKAI, USA Signet Armorlite, Thailand TOG etc to ensure the product quality. Therefore, L’OPTIQUE will always encourage our customer choose only higher quality lens and provide a correct concept on choosing a pair of good lens so they can reduce many eye-related problems.

L’OPTIQUE always stands in customer point of view when we sell you our product. In L’OPTIQUE, we not only guarantee for standard warranty for both frame and lens but also provide warranty for power of lens for one week. With such special and heartwarming after-sales service provided, customer can rest assure for their purchase in L’OPTIQUE from our qualified optician.